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Vapourettes provide an enhanced vaping sensation unlike anything you have ever experienced. Now you can have it all: Taste, quality and the freedom to vape virtually anywhere.

Our innovative design consists of a cartomizer (a flavored cartridge) and a long lasting battery which heats the cartomizer to produce a full-flavored vapor. Simply twist the cartomizer and battery together and inhale. It’s that easy. Find the starter kit that’s right for you with the help of our comparison chart or discover the advantages of vapourettes.

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Simply Vapour

Vape as much or as little as you want, no need to keep using the product when it no longer interests you. You usually just want a few puffs but you don’t want to “waste” money. The vapourette allows you to take a few puffs and put it away for another time.  you breath out pure water vapor.

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Vape Anywhere!!

Vapourettes allow you to puff where ever you are so you can get your nicotine fix in places where smoking is not permitted. Now you can calm your cravings at work, in the restaurant, at the bar, or airport without having to step out for a ‘vaping break’. AH, the joy of smokeless vapourettes.

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Fun Fruity Flavours

Experience fun flavours without the toxins, tar and other poisons traditional cigarettes contain. Add some zest to your life and make your vaping time fun and fulfilling. AH, the joy of smokeless vapourettes, products that make vaping fun and enjoyable as well as an interesting conversational topic.


Stark Slims' Advantage

Vaping is nothing like smoking, without combustion and tar.
No smell on clothing or breath.
No yellowing of your teeth or fingers.
Usable almost anywhere – on the train, in restaurants, bars.
Our Single use Product lasts for 800 puffs, the longest of any competitor in Scandinavia.
Our Rechargeable systems include Lithium Ion Batteries that increase battery life
Several flavours:  Menthol, Vanilla and Dark Roast Coffee, Apple, Menthol, Tobacco.
30-day return guarantee*



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Products contain caffeine and are intended for sale to adults 15 years of age or older. If you’re not legally able to purchase tobacco products in the area where you live, please do not try to make a purchase. A Stark Slims Vapourette is a handheld vaporizer that delivers the flavors needed to satisfy a smoker’s cravings. Anywhere. Anytime. We are 100% committed to helping  find a better solution to their vaping cravings. After all, the best habit is no habit.
*Free shipping on orders over 900 SEK. 30 days return policy applies to unused, unopened product.  Defective product will be replaced once sent back to us for analysis in line with our continuous improvement objectives.
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