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Stark Slims

Company Motto

‘Our company is founded on the principle that we want to help people lead healthier more active lives through the reduction of harmful substances and the consumption of nutritional ones.’


 The Stark Slims Product Range contains no harmful substances and can be used anywhere, without restriction.  You are not contributing to an unhealthy environment by using our products and through careful use you can kick the cigarettes habit once and for all.

Furthermore, our products have been fortified with vitamins which are absorbed orally that can replenish deficiency in the body on an ongoing basis.

Don’t exchange one habit for another, control your own body by controlling your cravings once and for all.

Social stigma of traditional cigarette users can result in stress to those that want to satisfy their cravings in public.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to step out of the office for a quick smoke as now the entrances to buildings are smoke free zones.  In many countries there are also no regulations in place about smoking on restaurant patios or otherwise known as the open air.  These regulations can cause some people to supplant one bad habit for another by instead using products such as snus.  While snus does limit its effect to the user, the physical effects to the users mouth and stomach is significant.  The best habit is no habit at all.