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If you are new to Stark Slims 800 puffs electronic cigarettes we would first like to welcome you to the healthiest electronic cigarettes in Scandinavia and possibly the world.

Our 800 puffs electronic cigarettes have been custom designed with the latest technology and the most advanced manufacturing techniques available in order to ensure you get the most effective and beneficial experience available on the market today.

We have decided to write this post to provide ‘tips’ to ensure that you get the longest life possible out of your Stark Slims.

It’s important to note that just like any other mechanical or electronic device, the usage life can be effected by how the product is treated and used. this also applies to Stark Slims.

Although we we have built in intelligent electronics into our 800 Puff electronic cigarettes they still depend on a battery. in the case of our product we have included a long life lithium ion battery as pictured in this post. This batter is activated every time you take a puff or inhale from the product.

this in turn heats a coil which vaporizes a small amount of our specially formulated Stark Slims e-liquid which is then delivered through the electronic cigarettes to your mouth. we have designed all this to work together instantaneously when you start inhaling so the is no delay. This is just like a normal cigarette.

even though the battery is designed and charged to last slightly over 800 Puffs the question then becomes what is the definition of ‘a Puff’ as we at Stark Slims see it?

Quite simply a Puff is an inhale lasting approximately 1 second with a rest period in between Puffs of at least 5 seconds.

This mimics the use of a traditional cigarette.

When one takes longer Puffs and Puffs too frequently this can cause the battery inside Stark Slims 800 Puffs to start to heat up.

Just as with any other electronics, heat is the adversary to long battery life and efficiency.   for this same reason electronics manufacturers work hard to remove the heat from such things as LED lighting and our computers. to put it quite simply, heat and electronics don’t mix.

when we advertise our 800 Puff we state ‘up to 800 Puffs’ and this is precisely the reason.

please se take care to use our products the way we intended to ensure that you get the maximum life out of Stark Slims.


Stark Slims Support.


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