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All Stark Slims products are shipped from Stockholm, Sweden.  Our manufacturing facilities are located centrally to ensure the highest standards of quality in our manufacturing process. Our products follow the strict Communauté Européenne guidelines established to protect customers from products that can be hazardous to ones health.

Swedish Law

As per Swedish Law, our products contain no nicotine.  Current legislation stipulates that no one can sell or purchase electronic cigarette products in Sweden that contain nicotine due to the lack of regulation of these products.  Any retailer that claims to be able to side-step these regulations by supplying products shipping from outside of Sweden is still breaking the law.


Anything purchased from Stark Slims is covered under a 30 day return policy and a 6 month warranty (from date of shipment).  If you are not satisfied with your purchase simply contact us to recieve your RMA number.  Return instructions will be provided at that point.  The cost of returning the product is the responsibility of the purchaser.


A similar process applies for a warranty claim in that an RMA is required so that we can prepare your replacement product.  Replacement products are shipped free of charge however the defective product must be shipped to us before we are able to ship out the replacement.

100% Natural


Restriction of Hazardous Substancesnicotine